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Buckwheat Bolsters

£70.00 £56.00


Each bolster comes with two covers, an inner cover untreated organic 100% cotton (thread count?) with a clean and large zipper for easy filling and emptying of the bolsters if you ever wish to modify its contents. The outer cover is made once again only from the most stringent sourcing in organic cotton which is then dyed in various colours and patterns using only vegetable-based dyes.

These bolsters have their unique restful and moulding qualities from its wonderful filling. Stuffed to the appropriate levels with organic buckwheat husks (hulls), which is locally sourced (within 50 Km!).

The buckwheat husks we source for these are not treated with herbicides, pesticides or fungicides either when growing, harvesting or storage.
We prefer these than products that would traditionally use cotton batting or another toxin laden substance.

Even more so, our Buckwheat husks are not roasted. The groats are removed through a roller press. The husks are then triple screen graded then forced air cleaned. This makes them ideal for the bolsters.


Natural Dye care:

Please note that this unique fabric has been hand dyed/printed using traditional dyeing processes used by Indian artisans for generations. We have made every attempt to improve the colour fastness and rubbing properties of these traditional dyeing methods without compromising on the original dye contents and manual process that give the fabric its unique colour and texture.

Some colours may initially transfer when in dry or wet contact with light coloured fabrics and upholstery. The transfer will reduce after a few washes, but we recommend that you wash the product for the first few washes. This of course will in no way affect the distinctive look of this product.

Colour will bleed during initial washes. Wash separately at 30 Degrees Celsius. Machine washable. Do not scrub if hand washed. Dry inside out. Warm iron on reverse.