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Signature eye pillow

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The eye pillows (masks) are by far the best thing we have produced, used and sold. Each pillow case is made from 100% organic cotton, dyed using vegetable dyes or AZO free dyes. They are filled with organic seed mixture and organic Provence lavender buds.

Unlike pillows that have a few drops of essential oil which need to be replenished after a while, these masks get better with time. As you handle the pillows the buds send out a delicate scent that is not overpowering and it keeps producing the scent time after time. The exact mixture and weight of the seeds provide weight and handling that is unique to your senses and creates a special connection with your emotional space. As you handle and use the pillow, your personal scent adds a deep layer of familiarty to the experience creating a sense of safety, comfort and luxury.

Use it to end your busy day. Use it during pregnancy and after your baby arrives it can morph into a special sleep buddy for your little one. The handling, your personalised scent and dreamy lavender all will create the same sense of calm and safety for your little one too.

Enjoy it for decades to come… let it become part of your heirloom full of your pregnancy memories, your sleep memories, your baby’s first truly personalised with your unique scent toy and sleep buddy.

Caring for your  pillow: This pillow gets better with time, softer, more gentle and more you. Keep away from moisture to retain its qualities.

Wash when needed (not too often) with warm soapy water, preferably by hand. Gently first decant the filling in a bowl and turn the pillow inside out and wash.

When completely bone dry only then refill the pillow. Any dampness will be absorbed by the lavender buds making them suseptible to decay.

Please do not heat or microwave this pillow, this product is not the kind that needs anything other than your touch, care and affection.