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A great little profile piece for MummyYoga in the first ever issue of the Business Woman magazine. Here Rehana talks to the magazine on what makes MummyYoga a modern, evidence-based brand for women seeking empowering solutions on their journey to becoming mothers. It also highlights the commercial possibilities of being in the wellness sector for parents-to-be and new parents.

StoryHouse, Chester’s amazing public space that curates community projects with a world class theatre and library hosts the Parent event each year. MummyYoga has been part of the cu-curating team from its early days when the festival was called Breastival in 2017 which then morphed to Blink in 2018 and to StoryHouse Parent in 2019. Rehana has led many talks and workshops throughout the events and continue to raise the agenda for Perinatal Mental Health through the Mothers’ Mental Health Matters Project (#MMhM)


Canadian Birthing Magazine

The Canadian Birthing Magazine asked Rehana to write a piece for their Activity issue in Summer 2018. This article on postnatal physical activity talks about the importance of making time for mental health as well as physical health and the interconnections of all parameters of health-related wellness.

The MummyYoga exhibit at the Women in Business show 2019 explores the potential of the commercial opportunities in the pregnancy, postnatal and new parenting sectors.


An amazing event to bring together local women in the aid of Mothers’ Mental Health Matters Project at Delamere Forest.

Rehana spent a few days with Michel Odent and Liliana in London in 2018 exploring the journey of birth physiology, culture and medical culture bringing her new found ideas to her work ever since. The few days with Michel and her previous exploration of maternal and foetal birth anatomy with Spinning Babies have now become the signature of MummyYoga’s popular Birth Preparation Workshops.

Rehana on an intensive week long workshop with the co-author of the influential Yoga Anatomy textbook of 20 years, Leslie Kaminoff exploring the anatomical and kinesiology of yoga movements.

Rehana spoke at the 2020 Let’s talk Birth Tour on the Biology of Bonding during the early days of a new born.
Let's Talk Birth 2020 Harrogate 24th June

Speaker, yoga trainer and director of MummyYoga Dr. Rehana Jawadwala has worked with more than a thousand pregnant, new mums and their partners to support their physical, mental and emotional preparation of their birth and parenting journey.

Rehana shared her research and practice based thoughts on how movement and rituals help create deep early bonds between caregivers and new babies.

MummyYoga is keen to involve birth educators from all walks to engage with powerful scientific evidence-based information on the power of early bonding neuroscience for new parents, physical activity and movement as a bonding ritual that impacts long term health of both baby and mother and their entire families.

Dr. Rehana Jawadwala is regularly invited to conduct her professional series course on ‘Early days of a Mindful Mother’ which explores the science on bonding, facilitates clear pathways of application of the science within the professional remit of the health care provider. The course empowers practitioners with powerful toolkits to empower the new parents to discard existing dogma based advice and embrace clear evidence based, personal journeys into parenting.

The above course was conducted at the Countess of Chester hospital where Rehana was invited to speak with the Bosom Buddies, who support the work of lactation consultants within the Chester and Cheshire areas. She has also spoken about the science behind the course in events such as the Northern Midwifery Festival

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