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Planned Home Birth: Know the pros and cons

Over the years, home births are on the rise in the UK. Therefore, alluding to the rising popularity of giving birth at home.

Empowering yourself with positive affirmations will help you prepare for a home birth. Yet, some reasons can influence you to either choose or discard it.

This article will take you through the pros and cons of home birth!

What Do You Mean By Giving Birth At Home?

In its essence, home birth is the process in which you birth your baby at home instead of at a medical facility.

However, it is not as simple as it looks. Giving birth at home will only be successful if you have assistance from qualified personnel. So, before deciding on using home birth to bring your child into this world, you should consult your doctor.

Even though home births can be a beautiful thing, there are some complications that you need to be aware of.

The Pros Of Home Birth

The main reason to choose giving birth at home is the familiar and safe environment.

During the birthing process, you will need peace of mind to get into a pain tolerance zone. Moreover, having a home birth will give you a sense of control over your situation.

Other than that, it will be extremely low cost as there will not be any medical interventions.

You can even choose your position of labor along with the type of aromatherapy you want. Consequently, having control over the type of food or drinks you have while giving birth at home.

The Cons Of Home Birth

Giving birth at home can be messy! Hence, without proper preparations, it can be a disaster.

During an emergency, like extreme blood loss or fatigue, you might be taken to a hospital. Moreover, there can be other medical complications related to your placenta and umbilical cord.

Your insurance policy will not cover home birth. So, in case you need home assistance, it will cost you.

Furthermore, without proper equipment, you cannot check the health of your child.

And, most importantly, giving birth at home can be painful and stressful!

Preparing For Giving Birth At Home

As reiterated in a book, home birth can be a blessing with proper equipment, people, and process. However, it can also be a curse regarding medical and physical complications for you and the baby.

So, how do you prepare for a home birth?

  • Get the right assistance from a trained mid-wife
  • Establishing an effective birth plan
  • Having a proper health checkup before your due date
  • Accepting that you might need hospital assistance
  • Having a calming and proper birthing atmosphere

Even so, there are some limitations to giving birth at home. If you have high blood pressure, a hospital will be ideal for birth. Furthermore, if you are delivering more than one baby, then a home birth is not feasible.

Summing Up

As you can see, giving birth at home has its positives and negatives. Knowing them both will help you choose what is best for you and your baby.

Moreover, having a thought-out plan for home birth will help in making the process easier.

You might have to go to the hospital anyway. So, keep your options open and do what seems best for your mental health and the health of your child.

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