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Keep Me Close – Babywearing Yoga classes on demand subscription



Hanging on to our mums is how we have evolved! As a new mum you have probably discovered the power of carrying your baby sling in calming, settling and soothing your new baby (You haven’t? Try it… it’s magic!)

In this class you will learn how to bond with your baby through the power of breath.

We will practice gentle, safe and connected yoga that will incorporate your baby both actively and passively throughout the class.

You will be able to strengthen your core and improve your natural posture which will in turn help with your mothering needs throughout the day and night.

With the postures we will hold during the practice you will be able to align your body safely with your sling/baby carrier and thus reduce aches in the upper back and shoulders that are common during long periods of baby wearing.

We will concentrate on the spine and pelvic floor, enabling you to find space and length in your movement, which in turn will help with building core stability.

Apart from these physical benefits, your baby will learn how to regulate their emotions through your breath and centred emotional seat.

The main aim is to have fun and incorporate all the above elements of the practice without any expectations. Most often its expectations that kills results.


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