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Mother – Mindful Moments



I love the idea of journaling, but most journals are daunting with their 100s of pages and yearly commitments. I found that such pressure itself was enough to put me off.

My life as a mother was crazy enough that I didn’t need to add to the “job” an extra activity that I would feel guilty for not doing. Wasn’t it enough I fed and changed my kids and read them a bed time story?

And yet I wanted something for my soul, my sanity and my self. So I created a 3 page mothering journal! It has three simple activities and has no dates, no reminders and certainly no wagging fingers. 

These three activities have been the most powerful ones I have used for myself and my clients over the years. Don’t underestimate their simplicity… every activity has only made the grade when 100s of mothers like us have returned to it day and day and found the clarity they were searching for.

To Use: 

  1. Download the journal and store it on your hard drive
  2. Print a copy (don’t print more)
  3. Pick an activity in no particular order
  4. When you have done them all (no time limits) store the pages in a gorgeous binder with dates
  5. When you feel like you need clarity again start over from 2–4
  6. Repeat forever…


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