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Why Is Prenatal Yoga Necessary During Pregnancy?

prenatal yoga

Pregnancy isn’t an easy phase for women as the body changes restrict many movements. Apart from that, several other physical and emotional changes make it worse.

As a result, most women feel inactive and helpless. But what if we tell you that there is a single solution for all these problems? Tempting, isn’t it?

Prenatal yoga, which can help women stay active and have more control over their bodies, is the solution. 

Still not sure about the necessity of prenatal yoga? If yes, then this article can help you find a list of compelling benefits along with necessary details here. 

What is Prenatal Yoga, and What does it Consist of?

As you may know, yoga aids in maintaining mental and physical balance in the body. And the need for this balance is inarguably high during pregnancy. However, pregnant women cannot do severe yoga poses because of the physical changes and for their child’s health.

This limitation gave birth to yoga specifically designed for pregnant women- prenatal yoga. It helps pregnant women relax and stay fit while ensuring the safety of their babies. 

Here is what a conventional prenatal yoga class will involve-

  • Angle pose those entails bending sideways to keep the spine flexible.
  • Cat stretch that improves overall balance and posture. 
  • Butterfly pose is a yoga pose that improves hip flexibility.
  • The triangle pose aids in balance, reduces stress and improves hip flexibility.
  • Art of breath control is an alternate nostril breathing technique that helps to improve your body’s oxygen supply.
  • The warrior pose aids in body equilibrium.

Reasons Why Prenatal Yoga Is Necessary

Now that you know about prenatal yoga and the common poses, it’s time to understand why it’s so important.

Here are a few points that will help you in understanding why it is necessary:

Prepares your body for giving birth

Prenatal yoga can be called a birth preparation course as it gets your body ready for childbirth. The poses, or exercises, keep your hip, pelvic floor, and abdominal muscles balanced in length and strength.

And this balance is crucial as they help in minimizing the pain during pregnancy and birth.

Improves Blood Flow

During pregnancy, you’ll be meeting the oxygen demands of two people at the same time. And for proper oxygen supply in your body, you also require healthy blood flow. As a result, adequate oxygenation of the blood is essential.

And prenatal yoga helps you with just that! Pregnancy yoga services design yoga poses to improve blood flow from your heart to your body.

Reduces anxiety and stress

Most women become anxious and nervous as they go into labor. However, women can avoid such situations by doing prenatal yoga.

Yoga helps you maintain emotional equilibrium and trains you to remain calm. As a result, you will be able to regulate your negative thoughts while giving birth.

Supports body changes

Women experience accelerated body changes during their pregnancy and feel like they can do nothing about it. But that isn’t true, as doing prenatal yoga will support these changes and reduce the chances of stretch marks. 

It is because, by mild stretching and other exercises, you prepare your body for the growing belly. 

Wrapping It Up

It is not mandatory to do prenatal yoga, but we highly recommend it because of the amazing benefits. However, only do it in the presence of a yoga instructor to avoid serious consequences.

Save yourself from the hassle of looking for instructors and check out the services of MummyYoga. Their Postnatal yoga services are backed by 25 years of experience and knowledge.

They also specialize in creating classes that benefit various pregnant ladies while ensuring both physical and emotional fitness.

All the best for your pregnancy journey!

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