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What can Yoga do for Birth?

Yoga will sustain your birth journey

Yoga practice doesn’t guarantee you the birth you want.


It helps you sustain the birth you get.

Birth is physical… yoga will help you build your strength, your flexibility your endurance all the hallmarks of physical strength.

Birth is mental… the practice of yoga takes you inwards, through a journey by yourself, into yourself and helps you discover the master of all guides, Your intuition. Your life experience in a simple “feeling”. Don’t ever underestimate the power of your intuition and it only heightens when you are about to become a mother. It’s the stuff amazing birth experiences are made of.

Birth is emotional…there are very few times in our lives more emotional than birthing our own offspring. And yet sometimes in our modern world these emotions are asked to be suppressed or even coated with a socially acceptable version of the rawness of birth. Yoga helps in navigating these murky waters of internal dialogue. Your meditation practice will allow you to respond to your emotional needs at birth with equanimity and authenticity that will help you realise your true power.

Yoga practice during your pregnancy and towards the day of birth of your baby will help you hold the space of transformation which you will inevitably will go through.

Yoga… it’s a way to getting to know yourself before you will be challenged to your very core.

How To Prepare For Birth?

Bringing a new life into this world is beautiful. But, preparing for birth can be a little challenging.

Women being the powerhouses that they are, have been doing it since the dawn of time without the help of medical processes.

In recent times, there are new techniques to help ease the birthing process. So, if you are a woman looking to gather some tips on how to prepare for birth, this article is just for you!

Preparing For Birth In 3 Simple Steps

Are you entering your third trimester? Then, understanding how to prepare for birth will help you in the days to come.

Making A Plan

Planning is the key to having a smooth birthing process. Hence, writing down your birth plan will help determine how you want it to go.

So, what is a birth plan while preparing for birth?

It is a roadmap that will assist you and your loved ones when you go into labor. The aspects that you include in this plan should have:

  • The people you want with you when you are in labor
  • What kind of peaceful environment you would want (aromatherapy or ASMR)
  • The types of birth positions, procedures, or assisted birth
  • Name of the caregiver to cut your umbilical cord

The options are not limited to these aspects while preparing for birth. So, talking to your mother or friends who have already given birth will help.

Preparing Your Body Using Yoga

While being in labor, your body will drain all the strength and stamina. So, it is crucial to get your body prepared for the process.

Yoga can help you sustain your endurance, flexibility, and physical strengths while preparing for birth. Moreover, a proper yoga plan will help position your baby in the right place, easing the birth.

It can also help relax your mind and soul as it can calm your nerves. Consequently, helping you get comfortable and peaceful.

While preparing for birth, you need to have a positive mindset and not be nervous.

So, why is yoga important during the process?

  • Helps sustain your physical strength
  • Keeps your endurance intact
  • Brings the baby in a comfortable position
  • Enhances mental health and promotes peace

The Aftermath

Preparing for birth should not be limited to just until your due date. It might seem that birth, labor, and the pregnancy process is the main elements.

However, the after-birth process is just as crucial.

After nine months of emotional and physical turmoil, you are holding your baby. You might feel overwhelmed with all the emotions a mother can feel. Because of that, you need to address the following aspects:

  • An after-birth support system
  • Have a pediatrician
  • Prepare your home with all the baby essentials
  • And, most importantly, rest your mind, body, and soul.

Summing Up

As you can see, preparing for birth can be easy if you have a proper action plan.

With yoga, you can train your body and mind. Consequently, making a birth plan and preparing after-birth essentials will also help you.

So, there is nothing to worry about while searching for how to prepare for birth! All you have to do is have a proper support system and be comfortable to welcome your beautiful baby home.

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