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What can Yoga do for Birth?

Yoga will sustain your birth journey

Yoga practice doesn’t guarantee you the birth you want.


It helps you sustain the birth you get.

Birth is physical… yoga will help you build your strength, your flexibility your endurance all the hallmarks of physical strength.

Birth is mental… the practice of yoga takes you inwards, through a journey by yourself, into yourself and helps you discover the master of all guides, Your intuition. Your life experience in a simple “feeling”. Don’t ever underestimate the power of your intuition and it only heightens when you are about to become a mother. It’s the stuff amazing birth experiences are made of.

Birth is emotional…there are very few times in our lives more emotional than birthing our own offspring. And yet sometimes in our modern world these emotions are asked to be suppressed or even coated with a socially acceptable version of the rawness of birth. Yoga helps in navigating these murky waters of internal dialogue. Your meditation practice will allow you to respond to your emotional needs at birth with equanimity and authenticity that will help you realise your true power.

Yoga practice during your pregnancy and towards the day of birth of your baby will help you hold the space of transformation which you will inevitably will go through.

Yoga… it’s a way to getting to know yourself before you will be challenged to your very core.

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