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What Should You Know About Water Births?

Water Birth

One of the most popular topics among expectant mothers is water birth. They have heard of its benefits, including less stressful labour. A mother could give birth in either a water-filled deep bath or birthing pool, which can take place in your home, hospital, birthing centre and even in a river or the sea. While […]

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Today I was not a yogi

Today I didn’t stand on my shoulders or head or hands. Today I wasn’t a warrior and didn’t fight anything. Today I wasn’t a beautiful bird of paradise or even a crow. Today I wasn’t even a goddess, oh no. Today our yoga was what we needed, a few deep breaths and a moment of […]

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What can Yoga do for Birth?

Yoga practice doesn’t guarantee you the birth you want, But… […]

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How do we get fat? You ask. 

In this story of fatal attraction, there are two suitors and one princess. The handsome hunk is called muscle tissue and the ugly ogre is called fat tissue. The princess is sweet and delicious (even a slice of wholemeal toast eventually breaks down to sugar!). […]

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Sounds and Emotions

There are many cultures where women collectively sing to encourage the birthing mother to sign along. Guess what singing does? […]

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That sacred space you can call your own.

Here I am sharing my personal space with you, in the hope that these real moments in our lives will displace the hyper smooth, hyper finished reality that vulnerable new mothers are subjected to in today’s digital connections. […]

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