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What Should You Know About Water Births?

Water Birth

One of the most popular topics among expectant mothers is water birth. They have heard of its benefits, including less stressful labour. A mother could give birth in either a water-filled deep bath or birthing pool, which can take place in your home, hospital, birthing centre and even in a river or the sea. While […]

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What can Yoga do for Birth?

Yoga practice doesn’t guarantee you the birth you want, But… […]

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Tracing back the roots of evidence.

“Everyone knows that cats need to give birth undisturbed in a dark, secluded place… But just imagine that one day, quite a long time ago, a group of well-meaning scientists decided that they wanted to study how cats give birth.
A fabulous gem of a piece by the late Tricia Anderson. Worth a repost. […]

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Why sitting correctly during pregnancy matters.

Learning to sit without supported back can be very beneficial as on a birthing ball. But if you have bad habits of slouching then that actually makes the birthing ball or bar stool more of a problem rather than a solution. […]

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Ina May Gaskin and her “Sphincter law”

The cervix cannot open and close like the anus. However, the idea that dilation may reverse is a possibility that has been documented. […]

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